Q: There are so many bitters flavors, how do I choose?

A: Explore!  We have endeavored to segment our bitters flavors into general taste characteristics to help with your buying.  There are no hard rules about pairing bitters with alcoholic products but we will try to provide some general guidelines based on flavor profiles.

Aromatic bitters are used in every style of cocktail imaginable so they are a 'must-have' product behind the bar, with Citrus likely following a close second.

Typically drinkers of clear spirits, such as gin, vodka and rum, tend to enjoy lighter style bitters such as Citrus or Floral notes; Tequila and Bourbon tend to pair well with Savory, Heat and Smoke bitters, but there are no hard rules other than one should be open to experimentation!

Q: Do bitters contain alcohol?

A: Yes and No.  Some bitters brands do not use an alcohol base, but rather water or glycerine, however most premium bitters use alcohol to extract essential oils from the plants used for flavor.  The US Government sometimes grants waivers for alcohol containing products to be considered as 'non-potable' (like bitters) provided that the serving size is very small.  This is the reason that most bitters have a regulator cap - to manage the pour size.  Non-potable alcohol products are handled the same way conventional food items in commerce.


Q: Can I make suggestions with respect to your catalog?

A: Yes Please!  Our mission is to be as responsive as possible to our client's needs and tastes so please let us know your thoughts by emailing: suggestions@pureartisanal.com.

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