bennett bitters

bennett bitters
wild hunt
2 fl oz bottle

forest bathing in a bottle

wild hunt bitters is a cooling aromatic tincture made with healing flora from the pacific northwest. our herbal blend has a calming and soothing effect which helps the body and mind relax. this bitter is the first line of defense for immediate relief of both stress related and physiological digestive issues.

small batched and bottled under a full moon.

the flavor reason

a nostalgic blend of wild and exotic pacific northwest herbs combined with the fragrant bouquet of old world blossoms. earthy, mossy, and floral with a mellow bitterness.

good for adding natural and woodsy notes to any beverage.

try it in a daiquiri, moscow mule, french 75, or rob roy.

pairs well with lemon, seltzer, honey, maple, black pepper, cucumber, culinary herbs, bourbon, and gin.


water, alcohol, devil’s club root, chamomile, passionflower, organic + sustainably sourced herbs and spices, pure cane sugar

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