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cinnamon syrup
12.7 fl oz bottle

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the spice must flow

cinnamon is experiencing quite the renaissance these days. whether it’s used as a spice in your burger recipe or guzzled down by those basic girls with their pumpkin spiced lattes, it’s finally getting its due for versatility and guilt-free deliciousness. cinnamon has the unique ability to warm us up from the inside out, but is also adaptable enough to be utilized across all seasons.
when blair set out to craft a cinnamon mixer for the bartender and mixologist alike, he wanted a balanced yet powerful addition for whatever cocktail they were throwing together. he mashed up a natural mix of fruity ceylon and spicy cassia, and this delicious cinnamon was born.
so regardless of if you’re experimenting with some bourbon, making a classic old-fashioned, or even tinkering with an apple pie moonshine cocktail, we know this cinnamon is what you need to take it up a notch. our mission is to make cocktails as accessible as possible to anyone interested, and this cinnamon is a perfect entry point for our goal. after all, if it was good enough for the monarchs and gods of old, it’s probably pretty solid for your next party. the greeks, romans, and ancient egyptians all loved it, and we’re pretty sure you will too.