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Ginger Syrup
12.7 fl.oz. Bottle

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A gift from earth to beverage

The tropical rainforests have been pretty good to us.  They reduce carbon dioxide in the air, serve as homes to countless indigenous people and creatures, and provide an environment for beautiful and crucial biodiversity.  They are home to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls, vegetation, and plant life the world has ever seen. Oh, and they also gave us ginger, which is awesome too.
Ginger has been used in the kitchen and the bar for centuries, but we’re only just starting to crack the code on putting together a perfect ginger mixer. Wild Ginger is Blair’s first foray into the ginger game—it’s exotic and earthy, balanced by a certain sweet spirit that can really fire up your cocktails.
Use it in your Moscow Mule, Dark ‘N’ Stormy, or Shirley Temple.  Put some in your afternoon tea to liven it up a bit.  Throw it on top of your vanilla ice cream to bring it to life.  Heck, just add it to some soda water for a DIY ginger ale. Whatever your plans are, we know this Wild Ginger can provide a boost to them.  So honor the rainforests and our heritage, and add some ginger to your life.

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