dr. adam elmegirab's

dr. adam elmegirab's
aphrodite bitters
100 ml bottle

released in the summer of 2011, aphrodite bitters epitomise everything that the dr. adam elmegirab's brand is about; through a modern understanding of flavour i pay homage to the historical usage of bitters and reinterpret them in a way never seenbefore.
taking their name from the greek goddess of sexuality and love, aphrodite bitters pay tribute to the original medicinal usage of bitters, with the botanicals selected for this bottling having been chosen for their alleged aphrodisiac qualities, aphrodisiacs being substances that are believed to increase sexual desire. these bitters are compounded to create a complex profile focused on the sensuous flavours of coffee and cacao, supported by an array of botanicals which play off and enhance one another making for an end product that is as intricate as it is versatile.

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