dr. adam elmegirab's

dr. adam elmegirab's
teapot bitters
100 ml bottle

as with most people, tea has been has been prevalent throughout my life in various forms and its popularity as a cocktail ingredient has soared in recent years due to the versatility and depth of flavour it offers. combined with tea's historical relevance as a key ingredient in traditional punches as well as the medicinal background it shares with bitters, and you have the primary motivation for the creation and subsequent launch of teapot bitters in 2012.
ancient tea and spice routes shaped historic civilisations and their impact can still be felt today in tea rooms around the world with beverages such as masala chai (indian spiced milk tea) garnering an ever-growing global fanbase. formulas for masala chai along with my personal experiences with tea in the united kingdom and the middle east provided all the inspiration i needed to create a product unlike any other, which has since gained a cult-like following in every corner of the globe due to their ability in offering a consistent tea flavour to mixed drinks.

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