pure goods

pure goods
japanese style cocktail shaker
24 fl oz

an ideal addition to any mixologist's arsenal, this shaker set allows you to mix and chill cocktails prior to serving. its 3-piece design makes this all-in-one item a necessity for your bartenders! pour ingredients right into the shaker, place on its lid, shake, take off the cap and serve through the strainer. the lid creates a tight and secure seal to prevent spills and leaks during mixing and serving, while its built-in strainer allows you to easily pour your chilled drinks without ice falling into the glass and watering down your customer's drink. plus, the dimpled cap ensures a secure finger grip while mixing cocktails behind the bar or tableside.

thanks to its 18/8 stainless steel construction and mirror finish, this stylish shaker set provides superior strength and sanitation with excellent corrosion and rust resistance. its versatile 24 oz. capacity enables you to make two drinks at a time, so it's easy to serve the perfect martinis, margaritas, or long island iced teas. this shaker set is sure to be an essential, go-to tool for bartenders at trendy bars and restaurants.

built for those with an unwavering dedication to the art of crafting cocktails, barfly mixology gear by mercer culinary products are made to deliver the best appearance, temperature, consistency and proportion in each and every glass. these high-quality tools are made with the finest materials to deliver the best quality cocktails while enhancing the presentation and showmanship patrons everywhere have come to expect from mixologists. regardless of the type of cocktail that's being created, barfly mixology gear by mercer culinary is the top choice of professionals everywhere.

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