celery bitters
5 fl oz bottle

scrappy’s uses fresh, organic fruits and herbs – never oils, extracts, or dried produce.although officially launching in 2008, the journey to develop and perfecttheir recipes and techniques began years ago. at scrappy's, they believe that by making bitters with the finest ingredients, a touch of love, and a meticulous attention to detail, you'll be able to taste and smell their commitment to excellence.
  • using an antique recipe, scrappy'sbitters invoked the old world flavors of a nineteenth century bar.
  • now you can do the same with a touch of celery seed accented with hints of citrus.
  • truly a necessity in any well-stocked bar. add some to your cocktail today!
  • these unique cocktail bitters are handcrafted in seattle with organic herbs and spices. size=5 fl oz
  • only the best gets bottled!

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